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What's your backup plan?

Ditch tapes & USB drives and go off-site.

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Online Backup Service

The smarter way to backup your data. Sleep easy in the knowledge your data is being securely backed up to the cloud in the event of a disaster.

Product Details

All data stored on Vorco OBS is encrypted with a key that only the customer holds before being stored on the Vorco OBS platform. Vorco is unable to read your data, all we see is a collection of encrypted files.

System Requirements

Vorco OBS Client supports Windows, OS X and Linux, plus it has specific connectors for Microsoft Exchange, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, VMware and Hyper-V backups.


Quota Silver Gold
10GB $20 $30
50GB $40 $50
100GB $50 $70
200GB $100 $140
300GB $150 $210
400GB $200 $280
500GB $250 $350
1000GB $400 $500

Silver or Gold?

  • Silver - data is stored on a single RAID array - 99.5% durability
  • Gold - silver level durability plus daily replication to another datacentre - 99.99999% durability

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